Monday musings

I always spend Monday mornings preparing my classes for the week. I also spend some time thinking about Yoga, meditating, reflecting on what I can teach this week and what I have learnt.

This morning I was thinking about my students, and what I hope they get from my classes. I am nothing like the yoga teachers on the DVD’s, on instagram etc. I am short, very curvy, not particularly flexible. But I like to think that those are positives in my teaching – I hope that my students can see that you start from where you are, that you don’t have to be tall, thin and bendy to do yoga. I also hope they see that I rarely wear branded or “proper” yoga clothes. I wear what is warm and comfortable and hope they do too.

One of the things I love about my yoga journey is how gradually it seeps into my bones, my blood and my soul. I hear myself saying things and see myself behaving in ways that are so different from the person I used to be. And that is a very good thing! It is a lifelong journey and I know I am only a very few steps along, but it is pleasing to already be able to look back and see how far I have come.

I worked my students very hard last week. They all rose to the challenge amazingly well! So this week I have written classes which give them the option to push themselves once again, or to take the gentler, softer option. I trust them all to make the right choice for them on the day.

Charity classes

Devastatingly, the husband of a good friend of mine has a brain tumour. On April 28th, I and lots of other yoga teachers and therapists will be offering our services free of charge at FlowMotion in Matlock, to raise much needed funds for his treatment (which is not available through the NHS). Watch this space and I hope you can join us on 28th.

New qualifications

I’m delighted to announce that I am now qualified to teach pre- and post-natal yoga too. Rather than running a regular weekly class, I am considering setting up, say, a 6-week course. If you or anyone you know might be interested then do get in touch. I am already qualified in children’s yoga, for children from 6 weeks of age to pre-teens, so if that would be of interest as well/instead then let me know.

Gentle Hatha Yoga at Cromford

So, after changing locations multiple times, our new home is at Cromford Community Centre. We are in a lovely upstairs room. I am teaching 2 classes there currently, both on a Tuesday morning.

At 9.30 we have a one- hour class which is really just a gentle Hatha class. Suitable for everyone, including complete beginners, and also for those with injuries or illness. Payment is by donation, the suggested donation being £6. There’s no need to pre-book but block booking will give you a discount.

The second class is at 11 and lasts 90 minutes. In this class we explore some of the other aspects of yoga, not just the physical. We look at some of the history and philosophy of yoga, we chant and we meditate. The physical part of the class is again very gentle and suitable for beginners and those with illness or injury. The suggested donation for this class is £8 and again there are discounts available for block booking.

For both classes, your first class is FREE so do come along and give it a try. You would be very welcome. We’re a friendly bunch, we like to giggle at ourselves, and there is always cup of herbal tea on offer for anyone who wants one.

New Gentle Hatha Class

I am delighted to offer a new gentle Hatha Yoga class at the beautiful Claire Dobinson School of Dancing at Peak Shopping Village in Rowsley. The class is suitable for everyone, including absolute beginners and those who struggle to get down on the floor. No need to book. You don’t even need a yoga mat!

Wednesdays, 10.30 – 11.30am

£6 drop in, with discounts for block booking